Inside the Colourful Lives of the Heavily Tattooed 20-Something Cousins at the Centre of a Savage Gang Feud – BEFORE and AFTER they Became Bikie Babes

Two Instagram star cousins thrust into the centre of a bitter bikie feud haven’t always lived such colourful lives.

Makeup artists and part-time models Allaina and Rikki-Louise Jones have been at the centre of a vile feud between their bikie partners, Ben ‘Notorious’ Geppert and Brett ‘Kaos’ Pechey, over the past week.

But bitter online fighting hasn’t always been the norm for the Jones’ – whose fathers are brothers – with old photos revealing their lives before the tattoos, plastic surgery and social media stardom.


Old photos uncovered by Daily Mail Australia reveal their lives pre-tattoos, plastic surgery and social media stardom 

Allaina and Rikki-Louise were thrust into the spotlight last week with their boyfriends, who are members of opposing motorcycle gangs, started an Instagram feud.

Ex-Hells Angels member Geppert, 26, accused former Bandidos West End president Pechey, 31, of ‘talking to the (police) task force’ about his knowledge of bikie gangs.

The public argument came just weeks after the two Queensland-based couples had holidayed together.

Years earlier, the two cousins were almost unrecognisable, with Allaina’s red hair and arm of colourful tattoos the only similarity.

A fresh faced Rikki-Louise snapped the pair before nights out and even side-by-side on Australia Day.

Before her current relationship with Geppert, Allaina dated Bandidos enforcer John ‘Browny’ Fahey.

The two cousins pictured long before their current family feud and a combined 200,000 social media followers

Allaina and Rikki-Louise before many tattoos, plastic surgery and their social media stardom

A fresh faced Rikki-Louise took photos of the pair standing side-by-side before nights out

Rikki-Louise Jones (left) and Allaina Jones (right) are not only both Instagram stars but cousins
Both bikies have amassed large Instagram followings in recent years, but their social followings pale in comparison to their partners Ms Vader and Ms Jones (pictured)

She appeared alongside the Bandidos sergeant-at-arms during his court appearances and later gave birth to his child.

A tattoo on Allaina’s back reads: ‘I am good but I’m not an angel. I do sin but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world’.

The pair boast a combined Instagram following of nearly 200,000, but both took the step of unfollowing the other this week as their boyfriends argued.

Pechey fled to Thailand when he became the most wanted man in Queensland after a wild fight in 2013 known as the ‘Broadbeach bikie brawl’.

That incident saw dozens of bikies surround and punch a number of police officers.

Pechey, who was among 18 charged over the attack, fled to Asia in the aftermath but was forced to return to face court a year later after running out of money.

He was also charged with being involved in an extortion ring where he use standover tactics to extort money from gym goers on the Gold Coast.

Pechey is believed to have patched up for Sydney-based gang Brothers 4 Life, posting a number of photos of himself in the group’s colours to Instagram.

Geppert has himself jumped between MCs over the years, moving on to the Finks in 2015 after his stint with the Hells Angels.