Former Hells Angel Enforcer Slams Ex-Bandidos President and Accuses him of ‘Talking to Police’ in a Furious Instagram Post as Autralia’s Bikie Crisis Escalates

Two high-profile bikies have been involved in an expletive-laden social media stoush, going into battle online amid widespread fears of a bikie war erupting in Australia.

Benjamin ‘Notorious’ Geppert, a former Hells Angels enforcer, slammed ex-Bandidos West End president, Brett ‘Kaos’ Pechey, in a vile social media post on Friday night.

Geppert – who made headlines after being booted off Hamilton Island by police on a recent holiday – used a lengthy Instagram post to attack the heavily-tattooed Pechey.

The 26-year-old bikie called his older counterpart a ‘dog’ and accused Pechey, 31, of ‘talking to the task force’, just weeks after meeting through their Instagram-famous girlfriends.

Brett 'Kaos' Pechey, the former president of a Queensland Bandidos chapter, has been abused in an expletive-laden rant by an ex-Hells Angels member

In his since deleted post to his online story, Geppert showed an image of Pechey’s Instagram account with the words ‘weak dog’ written across it.

‘Kaos you weak boneyard dog… don’t hide behind me for protection. Ya know where I live so come be a man,’ he also wrote in a subsequent post.

The pair, who are both based in Queensland, had just weeks earlier shared pictures together and regularly commented as mates on one another’s posts.

At one stage Pechey wrote to Geppert: ‘Nothing but love for u [sic] always brother’.

But more than 8,000 social media users had a front row seat to the weekend’s falling out.

Both bikies have amassed large Instagram followings in recent years, but their social followings pale in comparison to their partners.

Geppert’s girlfriend Allaina Vader boasts 158,000 followers, while Pechey’s amateur model partner Rikki Jones has more than 30,000. They no longer follow each other.

Once the most wanted bikie in Queensland, Pechey fled to Thailand following a wild fight in 2013 that became known as the ‘Broadbeach bikie brawl’.

Pechey (pictured) had been introduced to Geppert through his girlfriend Rikki Jones (right)

Geppert's girlfriend Allaina Vader (right) boasts a total of 158,000 followers

Both bikies have amassed large Instagram followings in recent years, but their social followings pale in comparison to their partners Ms Vader and Ms Jones (pictured)

Ms Vader and Ms Jones have regularly been pictured together on Instagram

That incident saw dozens of bikies surround police officers before attacking, hitting a number with punches.

Pechey, who was among 18 charged over the attack, fled to Asia in the aftermath but was forced to return to face court a year later after running out of money.

He was also charged with being involved in an extortion ring where he use standover tactics to extort money from gym goers on the Gold Coast.

At the time of the extortion racket he was sergeant-at-arms of the Bandidos chapter.

It is believed Pechey has since patched up with Sydney-based gang Brothers 4 Life, posting a number of photos of himself in the group’s colours to Instagram.

Geppert has himself jumped between MCs over the years, moving on to the Finks in 2015 after his stint with the Hells Angels.

In 2016, Pechey told a Queensland courtroom he was going to pay more than $10,000 to have a number of his tattoos removed

Ms Jones and Ms Vader have unfollowed each other on Instagram in recent days, seemingly in the wake of their partner's fight

Aside from steamy pictures alongside his girlfriend, Geppert regularly shares images of a lifestyle he aims to portray as idyllic.

Geppert and Pechey’s online fight came less than 24 hours before a Commancheros bikie was shot dead by police on the Gold Coast.

It followed the recent but unrelated shooting death of ex-Commancheros national president ‘Mick’ Hawi and the fatal drive-by shooting of a tattoo shop owned by another ex-president, Mick Murray.