On the World Day of Social Justice, Vinnies Australia urges all to commit to a fair go.

Australia is a rich country.

We could end poverty if we wanted. Instead we choose not to, and inequality rises.

Investors stockpile houses, with the next generation forced to rent, and the poor pushed to the edge of homelessness.

For the jobless, there is a broken, privatised job active system that harasses more than helps.

The treatment of asylum seekers, especially those who arrive by boat, is cruel and heartless.

Mr Frank Brassil, spokesperson for the St Vincent de Paul Society National Council, said, “The World Day of Social Justice, is a time when Australians should think about the sort of society that they want Australia to become. Is it a society in which a few have the opportunity to become fabulously rich? Or is it a society in which all have the opportunity for a meaningful life in which they can contribute to the community?”

“One of the best ways of alleviating poverty would be to increase Newstart, Youth Allowance and Austudy to above the poverty line. We can afford it. We should do it!” he said.

“It is also timely that governments at all levels should commit to providing sufficient housing so that no person should have nowhere to call home.”

Media Release – 20 February 2018