EXCLUSIVE: Bon Voyage! Brazen, One-Finger Salute from a Cigarette Smoking Troublemaker as He’s Booted Off a Cruise Ship to the Cheers of Relieved Passengers – After the Terrifying Brawl on Carnival Legend’s ‘Ship from Hell’

He was already in trouble – getting kicked off a cruise ship following an alleged ‘reign of terror’ at sea involving members of a family.

But it wasn’t enough to stop this man from giving a one-finger salute as he was ejected from the Carnival Legend on Friday.

Daily Mail Australia has obtained exclusive pictures of the moment a number of men were escorted off the Carnival Legend by police – to cheers.

The vessel was forced to make an early stop at port in Eden, New South Wales, on the ninth day of its 10 day journey following allegations of chaos and brawling.

A police boat at Eden ferried a number of men to shore on Saturday

A police cruiser picked up the men from the  liner and took them to shore

Passengers could be heard cheering in some videos from the boat as the men were led away

Relatives of men allegedly involved remained holed up at an expansive home in Melbourne’s south on Monday, with family even calling the police to try and deter media attention.

Curtains were drawn and one woman – who it is not suggested was on the boat – appeared upset as she left.

David Barkho’s 20-year-old son George was among the men on board the cruise ship at the weekend.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, he rubbished claims of ‘warring families’ and bloody violence allegedly triggered by his relatives.

‘It’s all lies. None of what is being said is true. It’s all in the hands of our legal team,’ he said.

‘Members of my family are receiving medical attention at the hospital now.’

Reporters question a relative of George Barkho, who was among men escorted off the ship. It is not suggested the relative was on board the ship

David Barkho's (pictured top left) 20-year-old son George (bottom left) - was on board the Carnival Legend when warring clashes erupted 

George Barkho (pictured left and right) was removed from the cruise ship with family

George Barkho (pictured left and right) was removed from the cruise ship with family

Mr Barkho was not on the ship and Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting his son George was involved in the brawl.

Shocking vision of brawls erupting in a common area of the cruise ship showed several passengers locked in savage fist fights.

The scuffle allegedly broke out while the ship was 220km off Jervis Bay, Australia, around 12.45am on Saturday morning.

One witness, named only as Zac, claimed the brawl started after two men tangled feet, leading to a bitter exchange of words between two family groups.

The fight led to the cruise ship making its premature stop in Twofold Bay, Eden – situated close to the New South Wales-Victoria border.

The Carnival Legend was heading for Melbourne when the incident broke out on board prompting police to be called

The group were taken to Canberra Airport and several of the men were later spotted at Melbourne airport.

Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting all members of the family were involved in the brawl.

Passengers have been offered a 25 per cent refund but some have slammed the offer as ‘unacceptable’.

NSW Police are investigating.