The Real Age Gap Between These Two Love Actually Characters has Everyone Freaking Out

If we’re talking honestly (and yes, this is a safe space) there’s not a lot we don’t know about the 2003 Christmas-themed movie Love Actually.

We know how much Claudia Schiffer was paid for her 60-second cameo (hint: it’s a lot).

We know about the on-screen romance that actually trickled over into real life. And we know which scene Hugh Grant hated filming the most.

But, surprisingly, 15 years after the film’s release, there’s still one fact that the internet seems to have only just discovered… and it’s blowing the minds of the movie’s most dedicated fans.

And it’s all to do with these memorable characters:


Keira Knightley appeared in the flick as Juliet, a bride who discovers her new husband’s best friend doesn’t hate her but has been in love with her THIS ENTIRE TIME.

And Thomas Brodie-Sangster, now of Game of Thrones fame, plays Sam, who is experiencing the “total agony of being in love” with his classmate, Joanna.


Considering one character is walking down the aisle, and the other is attempting to land a kiss on the cheek from his first crush, it’s only natural to assume the age difference between the two actors in the film is… at least a decade. Possibly even more.

But, internet sleuths have this week uncovered that the two actors were just FIVE YEARS apart when shooting the film.

Yep, Keira was 18 when she played Juliet. And Thomas was a very child-like 13.

Fans were quick to share their shock at learning the astonishing fact behind one of the world’s most beloved romantic comedies:

It’s official: we’ll never watch “little” Sam’s scenes the same way ever again.