Does Barnaby Joyce Still Pass the Pub Test?

“He’s got to go.”

“He’s failed the pub test mate.”

“He’s failed every test.”

The A Current Affair results are in, and it seems Barnaby Joyce has failed the pub test.

Does Barnaby Joyce still pass the pub test?

The embattled Deputy Prime Minister has faced a raft of criticism in recent days.

Mr Joyce is refusing to bow to pressure to resign as the deputy prime minister, following revelations of allegedly inappropriate behaviour including getting his staffer pregnant.

The Daily Telegraph front page today read “Joyce fails pub test”.

A Current Affair reporter Brady Halls conducted his own pub test, visiting a Sydney establishment during the lunchtime rush hour to find out what Aussies really think of their deputy prime minister.

Most punters expressed dissatisfaction with Mr Joyce.

For a man who's always had a way with voters, Joyce's popularity appears to be slipping.

And unfortunately for Mr Joyce, he doesn’t have many fans out there, with one labelling him an “unfaithful mongrel”.

Another told Halls, “I think he’s a scumbag, get him out, simple as that.”

In fact, most lunch-goers thought Mr Joyce had failed the pub test, with comments including the following:

The front page suggests Mr Joyce has already failed.

“I think he should stand by what he believes in about marriage so if he believes a man and woman should be together then he should have stuck with his wife.”

“He shouldn’t have shafted his missus.”

“Wrong thing to do to his wife and children, not good at all.”

“I think the pressure’s on, I think he’s going to struggle to hold on to his job at this stage. He’s spent years putting up an image of himself shown to be at odds with his own behaviour, so I think he’d be lucky to hang on.”

A Sydney establishment at lunchtime furnished a number of opinions on the Deputy Prime Minister's recent conduct.

So was anyone in Mr Joyce’s corner?

Well, one person did come to his defence saying “leave him alone, what’s the poor bloke done?”.

Whether that’s enough to save Mr Joyce’s leadership, as party room rumblings grow, remains to be seen.