Accused Triple Axe Murderer ‘Smoked Cigarettes while Waiting for Sister to Die’

A former Perth schoolboy accused of killing his parents and brother, allegedly smoked cigarettes while waiting for his sister to die.

Henri Van Breda is on trial in South Africa for the alleged triple axe murders of his family in their Cape Town mansion in 2015.

Henri Van Breda allegedly 'smoked three cigarettes while waiting for sister to die.' (AAP)

In court today, prosecutors claimed Van Breda “did nothing” to help his family members who all lay dying from severe axe wounds.

His sister survived the attack, and prosecutors told the court instead of helping her, the former Perth schoolboy smoked three cigarettes and called his girlfriend.

The 23-year-old sat quietly in the closing arguments, which argued against his claims an intruder killed the family in 2015.

The prosecution said the family must have known the killer because none had tried to hide or call for help.

Henri Van Breda is accused of killing his parents and brother with an axe. (AAP)

The now 23-year-old allegedly used an axe to kill members of his family. (AAP)

The defence has begun its closing arguments and a verdict may be handed down in the coming weeks.