Where to Get the Best Deals on Flowers for Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning to splurge on flowers this Valentine’s Day, make sure you’re getting what your pay for.

Nine News found a massive price variation and bargain buys like 50 roses for 50 dollars.

The signs are there; romance is in the air – from colourful sprays to donut bouquets.

This Valentine's Day, it's a war of the roses when it comes to buying flowers for a loved one (AAP).

“It’s a great concept they’re small donuts so they’re very bite-sized donuts great to share,” says Maude Assen from Edible Blooms.

This Valentine’s day, it’s the war of the roses. We compared prices and found:

At florists, you can pay anything up to $150 for a dozen. Woolworths has a dozen premium roses for $109, including chocolates. Coles is selling a bouquet of 12 for $50, while Aldi is advertising 50 roses for $50 as part of this week’s special buys.

While florists and supermarket chains have bargain deals, customers now also value the convenience of ordering bouquets online (AAP).

We asked those on the street, many believing flowers were the best way to a girl’s heart – but you should hand pick them yourself or trust what you see online.

Canstar Blue says customers value the convenience of ordering online.

“Going online and simply being able to purchase and get their bouquet online is a major factor in their purchasing decision,” says Harrison Astbury from Canstar Blue.

The experts say the more you spend on a bunch of flowers for Valentine's Day, the longer they should last (AAP).

They surveyed 1,500 customers to come up with their top Online Florists.

Of 11 outlets, Edible Blooms came in number one for overall satisfaction with five stars.

It also got five stars for product accuracy as did Easyflowers and Interflora.

“A major problem with consumers these days is they’re not getting the bouquets they want,” Mr Astbury adds.

But with such a huge price difference in flowers, particularly roses, how much should you spend if you’re buying a bunch this Valentine’s Day.

The experts say the more expensive the bouquet, the longer it should last.

Brisbane-based florist Lauren Bentley from Flour & Bloom says it’s worth paying that little bit extra for a beautiful, memorable bouquet.

“The florists, they are picking them every single day,” she says.

“They’re not cold stored they’re picking them up from their local grower so you’re going to get a good quality.”