How Barnaby Joyce’s Pregnant Lover Vikki Campion was Engaged to a Handsome Media Executive While She was Working for the Deputy PM – But it was Called off Just Three Months Before They Were Set to Marry

Barnaby Joyce’s young lover Vikki Campion was engaged to her long-term boyfriend a year before she fell pregnant to the deputy prime minister.

Ms Campion, 33, was to marry media executive John Bergin in November 2016 but the couple split about August that year, shortly after Mr Joyce was re-elected to the seat of New England.

Ms Campion worked for Mr Joyce from May 2016 until May last year. She fell pregnant to the National Party leader a couple of months later, about a year after she and Mr Bergin parted ways.

Mr Joyce, 50, has left Natalie, his wife of 24 years, and set up home with Ms Campion.

Barnaby Joyce's pregnant lover Vikki Campion was engaged to journalist John Bergin (above)

Vikki Campion (left) is pregnant with Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's (right) fifth child 

Journalist John Bergin (above) was engaged to marry Vikki Campion in November 2016

Mr Bergin, 38, is a highly-regarded journalist, editor, digital strategist, communicator and project manager.

He was the managing digital editor for news and current affairs at SBS for three years until September 2016.

The former private schoolboy has worked for other Australian media companies including Sky News Australia, where he was director of digital news.

Mr Bergin and Ms Campion were in a relationship for several years before their engagement ended, shortly after Mr Joyce was re-elected to Parliament on July 2, 2016.

They had been due to be married at Bowral, in the New South Wales Southern Highlands on November 5, 2016 and set up a wedding registry for the big day.

‘We split in August 2016 and we haven’t spoken to each other since,’ Mr Bergin said.

‘I’m just a spectator in this, like everybody else.’

Daily Mail Australia has published pictures of Mr Joyce and Ms Campion enjoying each other’s company in a Sydney bar on February 23 last year, six months after her split from Mr Bergin.

Vikki Campion, 33,  (above) is about seven months pregnant to Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce, 50

Former digital news director at Sky News Australia John Bergin was engaged to Vikki Campion

Barnaby Joyce, 50, (pictured) is having a child with his former media adviser Vikki Campion, 33

A screen grab of a wedding registry listing for Vikki Campion and John Bergin from late 2016

Following her departure from Mr Joyce’s office, Ms Campion worked for Resources Minister Matt Canavan, then Nationals MP Damian Drum.

She had previously worked as a senior adviser to New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant when the Dubbo MP was deputy premier and was an adviser to Racing Minister Paul Toole when the Bathurst MP had the local government portfolio.

Prior to becoming a political staffer Ms Campion worked for eight years as a journalist with The Daily Telegraph, where she was on the news desk for seven months until July 2014.

Months before it was reported Ms Campion was pregnant to Mr Joyce she began withdrawing from public view.

On December 7 the Nationals leader used the parliamentary debate on same sex marriage to confirm he was no longer with Natalie, the mother of his four daughters.

Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion pictured in the Different Drummer bar at Glebe last year

Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion have moved into a townhouse in Armidale, northern NSW

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce with his wife Natalie after he won the seat of New England in 2016

‘I don’t come to this debate pretending to be any saint or anything like that but I do believe in the current definition of marriage, which has stood the test of time,’ Mr Joyce said.

‘Half of them fail, I acknowledge that, I’m happy to acknowledge that I am currently separated so that is on the record.’

Mr Joyce moved out of his Tamworth family home in December and later moved into the Armidale townhouse he now shares with Ms Campion.

Mrs Joyce has said she felt ‘deceived’ by the news that Ms Campion is pregnant with her husband’s child and claimed the relationship began when she was a paid staffer.

Mr Bergin, who went to the exclusive Barker College at Hornsby, on Sydney’s upper north shore, did not wish to discuss his relationship with Ms Campion.

‘I’ve got nothing to add to that particular situation,’ Mr Bergin said. ‘As you can well imagine.

‘The only thing I will say is Vikki and I were never married.’

He had moved on with his life and had not spoken to Ms Campion since their separation.

‘I’m as much a spectator to these issues as everyone else,’ Mr Bergin said.

Online rumours about him being upset by last week’s revelations and that Ms Campion had not returned an engagement ring had been ‘made up’.

‘I won’t be commenting further,’ Mr Bergin said.

Before becoming a journalist he worked as a baker, petrol station attendant, delicatessen hand, door-to-door salesman and office cleaner, according to an online profile.

He was also briefly a research intern in the office of then NSW treasurer Michael Costa in 2006.