First Images of Man Who Allegedly Killed Aussie in Thailand Bar Fight

An American national has surrendered to police after a 43-year-old Australian man died following a bar fight at a seaside resort in southern Thailand.

Benjamin Robb, from Newport in Victoria, became involved in a drunken brawl at the Ruby Bar in Pattaya, 150km southeast of Bangkok, last Friday.

The fight was between Mr Robb and an American man, believed to be Jose Manuel Polanco Junior.

Images obtained by 9NEWS showed Mr Polanco shirtless at a local police station.

Benjamin Robb was attacked in a bar in Pattaya.

US man Jose Manuel Polanco Junior is accused of attacking the Australian man. (9NEWS)

The scene outside the bar today. (9NEWS)

Mr Robb was reported to have been acting aggressively towards Mr Polanco and other staff at the bar before the altercation occurred.

The Australian sustained major injuries to his head and upper body before being knocked unconscious.

Mr Polanco allegedly initially fled the scene but later turned himself over to Thai police.

Mr Robb was reported to have been thrown across the bar and later sustained repeated kicks to the head and body.

Thai paramedics and police were quickly on the scene and Mr Robb was taken to the nearby Pattaya Memorial Hospital, but despite treatment he died in the early hours of Saturday from his injuries including internal bleeding.

Mr Polanco's passport. (9NEWS)

Mr Robb was involved in a fight at the Ruby Club in Pattaya. (Supplied)

Eyewitnesses said both men had been drinking heavily in the afternoon and appeared intoxicated when the fighting broke out.

The Ruby Club, in a statement, said the altercation had been brief and had left the Australian unconscious.

The American, the statement said, was expected to be held in jail for at least 10 days before an initial court appearance.

Thai police said they would be carrying out a thorough investigation.

The neon-lit bar on a busy street sees locals mingling and sharing drinks with tourists.

An advert for the Ruby Club online shocases its rooms and services.

The Thai resort of Pattaya is a popular destination for Australian tourists. (AAP).

Eyewitnesses said some bars in Pattaya are popular among those involved in weight lifting and martial arts sports in Thailand.

Australian consular officials are helping the family of the man, but gave no further details.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance to the family of an Australian man who died in Thailand,” a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman told

“For privacy reasons we are unable to provide further details.