First Day of School for Five Sets of Twins at Canberra’s North Ainslie Primary

For 10 nervous kindergarten students at Canberra’s North Ainslie Primary School, their first day was made a little easier — being accompanied by a friend for life.

Five-sets of twins, four of them identical, took their first big steps into the schoolyard this morning, hand-in-hand and wearing oversized backpacks.

They joined about 80 other kindy students at the school in Canberra’s north and more than 4,000 others across the territory’s public schools.

Principal Tania Collis said one lucky teacher had their work cut out for them, with three sets of twins in the one class.

“Their parents have given us a few tips and tricks — looking at the colour of their shoes and other things,” she said.

“It’ll be interesting for the teachers, but lots of fun I’m sure.”

‘They’re really ready’

Of course it was not just the new students who were nervous.

Plenty of parents shed a tear as they farewelled their children outside the classroom with a sign that read: “Day one — be brave.”

But for Brittany Champness, mother to twins Louis and Edgar, the fact the boys had each other made the day a little easier.

“Having two means it’s less likely that they’re going to be upset, which would make me upset,” she said.

“I feel a bit nostalgic about it but I’m so happy for them. They’re really ready.”

With day one down, these new students only have about 2,600 days of schooling left.