Teen Recovering After Being Flung From Her Stolen Car into Concrete

The teenage girl left with shocking injuries after being dragged 50m during a carjacking has told of the moment her face smacked the concrete as she was flung from her moving vehicle.

The whole ordeal began after police attempted to intercept a stolen Nissan X-Trail at a carpark in Seaford, in Melbourne’s south-east, last night when they were rammed by the stolen vehicle.

The offenders left behind a 35-year-old woman as they fled the scene, but police called off the pursuit over fears for public safety.

Despite enduring the terrifying attack, Ms Hall was optimistic about her recovery. (9NEWS)A short time later the stolen Nissan was involved in a head-on crash on Frankston-Cranbourne Road, with three thugs getting out of their car and approaching 18-year-old Taylor Hall, who was in her convertible with her friend and her dog.

“It was out-of-the-blue,” Ms Hall said in an interview from her hospital bed.

“They just jumped straight into our car, yelling at us to get out of the vehicle.

The thieves dumped Ms Hall’s car a short time later before stealing a gold Volkswagen Golf, which has not been found.  (9NEWS)Despite Ms Hall's has cuts and bruises from head-to-toe. (9NEWS)

“I pushed my friend out of the car and then I was like ‘please just give me my dog.’

“They went to pass the dog to me, but (the dog) obviously had her lead on so she couldn’t get out.

“So I tried to take her off – they weren’t moving at this time – but then he just took off, put his foot down on the accelerator.”

Taylor Hall has told friends on social media that she has lost several teeth and needs to see a plastic surgeon. (Supplied)The three thugs in the stolen Nissan bashed the teenager as they stole her car. (9NEWS)

Ms Hall said the thugs drove at least 50m at nearly 30km/h before the car struck a curb and she was flung off.

“I went smack into the concrete, lost a few teeth,” she said.

Emergency crews arrived a short time later and transported Ms Hall to hospital.

Ms Taylor was trying to rescue her dog when she was injured. (Facebook)

She was relieved to learn her beloved dog had been recovered by authorities and is safe.

The thieves dumped Ms Hall’s car a short time later before stealing a gold Volkswagen Golf, which has not been found.

“It was surreal, you never put yourself in that situation and then when it happens, you never know how you’re going to react,” she said.

Ms Hall will be consulting with a plastic surgeon in the coming days as she recovers.

Police are urging the public to find the men who will have visible injuries from the crashes. One of them has a neck tattoo.

Police are now searching for a gold Volkswagen Golf. (9NEWS)The stolen Nissan X-Trail was involved in a head-on smash. (9NEWS)

The 35-year-old woman left behind at the carpark has been charged with theft of a vehicle and is assisting police with their inquiries.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Aston said he was confident officers would quickly “round them up”.