Residents Told to Stay Inside as 3m Croc Stalks Neighbourhood

An unwelcome visitor has been caught stalking a Queensland neighbourhood at night.

Shocked neighbours came across the three-metre crocodile on a road in Port Douglas before it made its way into a front yard at 1am on Saturday.

Police were called and residents were told to stay inside.

The unwelcome visitor was caught stalking the Port Douglas neighbourhood at night. (9NEWS)

“It got up and took itself into a front yard of a house here,” Port Douglas Police Station Sergeant Damian Meadows told the Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette.

“It was up around the door, and here and there, obviously trying to find a way out.

“I told the man to get in doors right away. Then I phoned him to tell him what was going on.”

The snappy visitor eventually disappeared into the drain system.

The crocodile disappeared into the drain system. (9NEWS) Source