‘Rake’ Barrister on #MeToo Panel

CONTROVERSIAL Sydney barrister Charles Waterstreet is set to air his views on the #MeToo anti-sexual harassment movement on ABC’s Q&A.;

Waterstreet will join the panel on next Monday’s show, alongside actress Rachel Griffiths, Gender studies Professor Catherine Lumby and lawyer Josh Bornstein.

The topic will be “Where to for #MeToo in 2018?”.

Charles Waterstreet has denied allegations of sexual harassment.

Waterstreet has himself been accused of sexual harassment and making inapppropriate coments to a young female paralegal.

The high-profile barrister has vehemently denied the allegations.

The appointment of the barrister, who inspired the hit TV series Rake about a fictitious lecherous lawyer, has raised eyebrows on Twitter.

But it will no doubt fire up some serious debate on Q&A’s first episode of 2018, which will be hosted by Virginia Trioli.

The Q&A episode will air on February 8.