Cameron Cranley and Brother Kyle Could be Double-Act Bachelors

Get ready for not one but two Bachelors this year, if the latest reports are anything to go by.

New Idea is claiming Perth fireman Cameron Cranley has inked a deal to appear as the 2018 season’s leading man. But it has gone one step further to suggest his younger brother Kyle is also coming on board and the pair will make history as the first dual Bachelors.

According to an unnamed source, the brothers are “inseparable” and “will work well on television” together.

The insider said the news was revealed at the recent Portsea Polo match in Melbourne and explained why popular Cranley, who appeared on Georgia Love’s season of Bachelorette, was absent from the Bachelor in Paradise line-up.

Having two Bachelors would likely cause a much-needed buzz for the show after Sophie Monk’s bombshell turn as the most recent Bachelorette.

Producers are said to be prepared to do anything to make sure the show stays exciting and relevant.

Cranley, 27, recently told AAA that while he hasn’t ruled out another show completely, he wanted to focus on his job.

“Running off to countless reality TV shows, I don’t want to reflect poorly on the fire brigade at all, I don’t want to bring any disrepute to them,” he said.

“I just need to be realistic, as much as it’s fun running off and doing a television show, I just kind of sit back and think what I’ll do after a television show — if you run off and do it and don’t have a job afterwards then is that exactly a good move?”