Blood Immediately Filled my Mouth: PSO Brutally Bashed at Train Station

A Melbourne Protective Services Officer (PSO) has told of being punched in the face while working at a train station in the city’s south-east.

The 53-year-old man, who doesn’t want to be identified, was patrolling Carrum station on Saturday night when he ordered an unknown man to leave the platform due to drunk behaviour.

About 20 minutes later, the banned man returned with friends and allegedly punched the PSO in the face.

“Blood immediately filled my mouth, so I knew I’d been hit pretty well,” the PSO told 9NEWS.

The PSO who was allegedly attacked requested to remain unidentified. (9NEWS)

The PSO continues to recover from his injuries. (9NEWS)

“I thought I’d lost a tooth. I could feel the gap…ended up being the gap in my lip.”

While the alleged victim will be off work for another week as he recovers from his injuries, he said he’s “keen” to return to the job as soon as possible.

“You get members of the public coming up to thank you for being there (at stations), so that’s really good.

The incident unfolded at Carrum station. (9NEWS)

Police have since arrested a 27-year-old man from Skye over the alleged attack, charging him with a string of offences including assault and committing offences while on bail.

He now faces a minimum mandatory six month jail term.