Scarborough Beach Swimming Pool: Dozens Queue to Get Into New $26 Million Beachside Attraction

For some of us, the idea of getting out of bed before dawn to jump into a pool is the stuff of madness.

But what if that pool was a $26m geothermally heated masterpiece on the foreshore of one of Australia’s most recognisable beaches?

Dozens of people queued at the new Scarborough Beach pool this morning ahead of its public opening at 5.30am.

It was barely 20C at that point but the water was heated to a comforting 26C.

Geothermal heating makes for comfortable temperatures in the pool.

City of Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin did the honours, extolling the facility’s six-star green rating from the Green Building Council of Australia – the first such rating in WA.

He told the crowd the pool would be much more than a place for locals to swim laps.

It would host learn-to-swim programs, club swimming training and games of sport such as water polo and underwater hockey.

“The City’s council encourages everyone across the community to visit the stunning facility in the coming weeks and see first-hand how impressive it is,” Cr Irwin said.

Leah Fraser, 11, of Karrinyup, and Kokoda Halliday, 10, of Doubleview take the leap into the brand new pool.

Holly Nott and Matt Sommerville were the first members of the public in the water after Cr Irwin’s official opening.

Neither of them started at the front of the queue, but they were the most tenacious once the doors opened.

A community open day will be held at the pool complex on March 11.