Loved Ones Gather to Farewell Actress Jessica Falkholt

Hundreds of mourners have gathered to farewell actress Jessica Falkholt, almost a month after the horror Boxing Day crash killed her immediate family.

The 28-year-old died on Wednesday, six days after her life support was turned off at St George Hospital.

The rising star had been clinging to life in a critical condition since December 26 when the car she was travelling in with her parents, Lars and Vivian, and sister, Annabelle, was involved in a collision with a four-wheel drive near Ulladulla.

Jessica Falkholt in a previously unseen photograph from the funeral booklet. (Supplied)Falkholt with friends. (Supplied)

The sisters were rescued before the car erupted in flames with the bodies of their parents inside.

Annabelle died in hospital three days later.

The funeral service was held at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Concord – the same church where her parents and sister were farewelled almost two weeks ago.

Mourners congregate ahead of the funeral outside St Mary's Catholic Church in Concord. (AAP)Funeral attendees arrive ahead of the service. (AAP)Actress Pia Miller outside the church after the funeral.

The actor, who found fame on the small screen as Hope Morrison on TV soap Home and Away, was farewelled by former cast mates including Pia Miller and Jackson Heywood.

In a statement from her family and close friends, Jessica was described as “an incredibly private person”.

“She would have been moved by the generosity of spirit so many have shown,” the statement said.

“We look forward to putting this horrible period behind us, while cherishing the memories we have with our friend, Jess.”

Black cars transporting Jessica's loved ones arrive outside St Mary's Catholic Church, Concord. (AAP)Falkholt's friends hug outside the church. (AAP))Mourners share their grief over the loss of Jessica.

At the funeral service, Jessica’s cousin Cathy Randazzo remembered how despite her profile as an actress rising, she always put family first.

“To us, her family, she was a mature, well-mannered, kind and vibrant woman,” Ms Randazzo told the packed church.

“She loved her family, she loved travelling, going on family picnics and she adored her late grandparents.”

Jessica with her parents and sister, Annabelle, as a newborn. (Supplied)Jessica and Annabelle Falkholt as children. (9NEWS)

“She followed her dreams and chose to be an actor, and she was really really good at it.”

“I seek comfort in knowing she is with her family now. Her and Annabelle were the centre of her mum and dad’s world.”

“She is no longer in pain and being the positive person she was, she would want us to be happy too.”

Twelve days earlier, Jessica’s uncle Paul Ponticello spoke at the funeral of her parents and sister. Today, he delivered another heartfelt eulogy for the fourth member of his family lost in the Boxing Day crash.

“Jessica’s determination and strength of character shone through as she clinged to life for three weeks before succumbing to her injuries,” Mr Ponticello said.

“An entire family has been taken by events totally beyond their control.”

Eight doves being released. Four of the doves being released signified the family left behind that are still grieving for the loss of the four members of the Falkholt family killed on Boxing Day.

Mr Ponticello then went on to thank emergency services workers who pulled Jessica and Annabelle from the wreckage, “which gave the girls, albeit slim, a chance of survival.”

Jessica’s friend Skye Kunstelj said “her favourite person to make fun of was herself.”

Speaking of Jessica in her hospital bed with a shaved head, she added: “I knew she was not going to Rest In Peace but rest in power just as she lived her life.”

More photographs of Jessica from the funeral booklet. (Supplied)Jessica with friends and family in happier times. (Supplied)

“My broken heart will miss her,” Jessica’s friend, Chloe Singe, said. “She was the glue that attached me to everyone here today.”

Eight doves were released following the funeral service – four for the Falkholt family members killed in the crash and another four for grieving family members left behind.

In lieu of flowers, the family asked mourners to donate money to cancer research in Jessica’s name.