Bruce Morcombe Says Inquest Into Daniel’s Death has Taken Too Long

The parents of murdered schoolboy Daniel Morcombe have written to the Queensland Coroner to express their frustration over the marathon inquest into their son’s death.
In the letter to the Coroner, Daniel’s father Bruce Morcombe said the inquest was taking too long to wait for a result and his family finally wanted closure 14 years after their son’s murder.
Daniel went missing from a Sunshine Coast bus stop in 2003 before the inquest was launched in 2010.

Bruce Morcombe, the father of murdered teenager Daniel, has criticised an inquest into his death for taking too long (AAP).

“What we as a family want is some closure and some answers and then we can all just move on,’’ Bruce Morcome said, according to the Courier Mail.

“We are extremely keen to put 14 years behind us, but there’s one lingering thing. It is taking an excessively long time and we are scratching our heads as to why.

“We want an improved system if it needs improving. Some improvements have already happened, but there may be more.’’
The findings of the inquest by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) are being held up by Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon, who is under investigation for allegedly abusing his position to prevent several other Queensland Police officers from giving evidence.

In a letter to the Queensland state Coroner, Bruce Morcombe said his family wants closure for Daniel's death, 14 years after he was killed (AAP).
The claims against Mr Condon allege he colluded with other officers while he was Head of Homicide to prevent himself and another former detective, Kenneth King, from facing the inquest into Daniel’s disappearance.
It was ultimately adjourned and then resumed in 2016 after new leads were investigated that led to the discovery of his remains and the arrest, trial and conviction of his killer, Brett Peter Cowan.

Daniel went missing as a teenager from a Sunshine Coast bus stop in 2003 (AAP).
The claims against Mr Condon have been investigated now for more than a year by the CCC and the Queensland state Coroner Terry Ryan is unable to release his own findings until the issue comes to a resolution.