Mouth-Watering Optus Stadium Food May Bring Tears to Your Eyes

The food was mouth-watering, but the prices were a little closer to eye-watering.

That was the overwhelming feedback from punters who descended on Optus Stadium for its official opening today.

While rave reviews came back on the quality of burgers ($9-12), pies ($5.20) and chips ($6), the cost raised a few eyebrows.

“It’s absolutely superb,” punter Cheryl Davini said while halfway through her beef pie.

“I like that they went with WA in choosing Mrs Macs, too.”

When Davini, who had the pie bought for her, was told the pies cost $5.20, she was a little less enthused.

“That’s far too pricey. That makes it out of reach for families,” she said.


Earlier, stadium chief Mike McKenna spruiked the prices at the ground, saying they were equal or better than those at Subiaco Oval. That fact was cold comfort for some who said they used to take their own food to the old ground because of the exorbitant cost of a day at the footy.

Mr McKenna’s claim that the $4 the stadium charges for a 600ml bottle of Mt Franklin water was the cheapest at any stadium in Australia was quickly found to be incorrect. MCG communications manager Shane Brown confirming the ‘G sells theirs for $3.20.

Kent Clark, while happy about the similarity of his name to Superman’s, was disappointed when he saw the prices today.

“People would buy more if it wasn’t so expensive. It’s too expensive to bring a family, you’re better off bringing your own food in,” Mr Clark said.

“Nib Stadium is the same. I don’t know why they have to charge so much.”

The feedback wasn’t all negative, with the variety on offer pleasing fans.

A stark upgrade from Subi, food offerings include fish and chips ($12), salt-and-pepper squid ($7), hot dogs ($6.50) and loaded fries ($12). A kids’ burger was also available for $6.50.

Impressively, the 51 outlets ensure no fan is ever further than 40m away from access to food.

The selection and price of alcohol also brought positive feedback across the board.

Fans have a choice of three mid-strength Gage Roads beers: the Alby Crisp Lager ($8.50), Single Fin Summer Ale ($9.50) and Atomic Pale Ale ($9.50).

A glass of cider costs $9, while wine is $8.50 and spirits are $12. For the non-drinkers, a 600ml bottle of Coke will set you back $5.50.

“I’m impressed with the beer. I’m drinking the Alby — it’s very crisp and light. They’ve done well,” punter Dave Hughes said.

We’ll stick to the beer, then.