Father Describes the Horrific Afternoon His Son, 5, was Shot in the Face with a Rifle by his 12-Year-Old Cousin

A Queensland father has shared excruciating details of the afternoon he spent rushing his five-year-old son to hospital after the youngster was shot in the face.

Robert Calvisi told The Courier Mail he drove with a ‘lead foot’ through a fierce storm to reach the nearest hospital as his son’s eyes rolled back and blood poured out of his mouth.

Cameron Calvisi, five, was hit by a bullet fired from a .22 rifle at a Cottonvale property near the Queensland-NSW border early this month.

He was shot by his 12-year-old cousin while the pair and another child were playing with the gun at the rural property, in what police have described as a ‘tragic accident’.

The youngster immediately ran for his father, yelling: ‘Daddy, I’ve been shot’.

Robert said he stuffed the child in his car, placing a shirt under him to absorb the blood that was running from his mouth and kept his son talking as he sped towards the closest hospital.

‘I’ve never driven so fast in my life, 156km/h I think I was doing all the way, in the rain,’ he said.

Robert Calvisi said his son Cameron  had blood pouring from his mouth and his eyes were rolling backwards as he sat in the car

The Queensland father said he was driving with a 'lead foot' through an afternoon storm in the hope of saving his son's life

‘He was drowsy. His eyes were starting to roll [as we drove to the hospital].

‘I just kept making him say ‘dad’ all the way into town. I was making him talk to me and he was doing it.’

When the father and son arrived at Stanthorpe Hospital, doctors quickly realised he needed specialist care, and he was airlifted to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

His grandfather, Tony Calvisi, told Ten News about his devastation at the accident, and the fear of what could have happened.

‘Anything can go wrong when the bullet is that close,’ he said.

Cameron's grandfather was at the property at the time of the gun shot and said he was devastated something like this could have happened on his property

Cameron (pictured left and right) is expected to 'heal like a saint', his father says.
The youngster is expected to be released from hospital this week but will have to wear a large metal brace

Tony Calvisi was present on the property at the time, and was the only person Robert told before he began the mad dash to the hospital.

‘I was devastated, i was shocked to even hear he’d been shot,’ the grandfather told Channel Ten.

‘Nobody would want to go through it – to have a little boy, just hanging on.’

Despite initial concerns Cameron would not make it through the ordeal, Robert believes his son will be discharged from hospital this week.

The youngster will need to wear a big metal brace, known as a ‘halo’, but his father says his son will ‘heal like a saint’.

Though police say the gunshot was likely an accident, they may still lay gun storage charges.

The child was hit by a bullet fired from a .22 rifle at a Cottonvale property, near the Queensland-NSW border, early this month (pictured)

Cameron was airlifted to Lady Cilento Hospital for specialist treatment after he was rushed to Stanthorpe Hospital