Desperate Search for Humphrey the Pig

A Perth family has issued a desperate plea for people to help find their beloved pet – a 50kg miniature pig named Humphrey.

A smaller version of Humphrey was a 15th birthday gift for Curtis Thomson and he lived a life of comparative luxury at the family’s Canning Vale home.

Humphrey in his younger days.

A cubby-house had been converted to a five-star pig sty, with day bed and mud bath included.

But when they were renovating the lodgings last week, disaster struck. Humphrey made his way to the front of the house, where neighbours say somebody was seen picking him up.

The Thomsons say a man has since told them he grabbed the porcine pet and, thinking he was feral, let Humphrey go in the bush.

Humphrey’s luxury digs.

The unusual and upsetting turn of events has prompted the family to plead for any information on Humphrey’s whereabouts as he is definitely not accustomed to being “in the wild.”

“We miss him so much he was just a part of the family,” Cherry Thomson told 7 News Perth.

“When we first got him an he was in the laundry every night we’d get a mattress and sleep in there with him.

“If anyone see Humphrey or finds him we’d like them to call the ranger or 7 News.”