Perth Model Kate Wasley Prepares for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Debut

Kate Wasley and her best friend Georgia Gibbs.

With just over three weeks until she appears in one of the world’s biggest swimwear magazines, it’s understandable Kate Wasley is a bundle of excitement.

Perth models Wasley and best friend Georgia Gibbs’ careers skyrocketed after a picture of the two went viral on Instagram almost 12 months ago. Now, the pair will feature in Sports Illustrated’s 2018 swimsuit issue next month.

Wasley, who is signed to Vivien’s Models, spent most of last year plane hopping for work and said she still pinches herself.

“It was my first time going to New York last year and I’ve been there three times since. I’ve been to London twice, Georgia and I went to Aruba for Sports Illustrated, and the Bahamas,” she told AAA Weekend.

“I’ve got to work in Germany too. It’s really helped our careers a lot.

“Every single time I jump on a plane I’m like ‘How? How is this happening?’ I get to work and I get to go and see the world.”

After returning home to Perth for the Christmas break she is preparing herself for what could be another life-changing year.

First stop New York and then on to Miami for the launch of the Sports Illustrated issue.

“We are just really excited to see what comes from Sports Illustrated,” she said.

“It could go either way — I’m not basing my life on that but pretty keen to see what happens.”

Perth model Kate Wasley is headed for the pages of Sports Illustrated.

Wasley, 23, launched AnyBody Co with Gibbs last year, and focuses on promoting body positivity, but confessed as a young adult she went through her own battles.

“I guess it was matter of like ‘I don’t look like any of these girls on Instagram, or any of these girls at all and that led to some years of quite disordered eating,” she revealed.

“I wasn’t going out with my friends or socialising because I didn’t want to eat or drink out. I wanted to know exactly what was in all of my food.

“I became really quite self-conscious — that was not fun.”

“Every single time I jump on a plane I’m like ‘How? How is this happening?’ I get to work and I get to go and see the world.”

Through studying personal training and nutrition, Wasley grew to accept her body.

“A lot of girls have asked me how I got to this place and I say it is a lot of ignoring all of the bulls…, a lot of ignoring everything that is thrown at you, everyone telling you to be this certain thing or this certain way.”

And as far as what her goals are for 2018, Wasley is pretty content right now.

“I think Sports Illustrated was it. That was like the goal. It still hasn’t quite hit me, once I see it in the pages I think I’ll be like okay I’ve done what I wanted to do.”