“Terrorism Graduation” Afghanistan’s New Graduation Degree – Inside Terrorist’s Safe Haven

The American war in Afghanistan is the longest and one of the costliest military operations in United States history.

Yet, the Taliban are back in nearly 50% of the country from which they had been purged, and militants associated with both the Taliban and the Islamic State frequently attacking the neighboring countries .


Source: Institute for the Study of War

The disturbing map shows how the Taliban has already rebuilt much of the empire it lost when NATO and America invaded in 2001, whilst ISIS jihadis with help of the local government and people in eastern provinces at an alarming rate.

Recently Taliban and ISIS militants group in Afghanistan released several photographs from different states which purportedly show the graduation of scores of new brain-washed Afghans as the groups have been unleashing deadly attacks across the country and in the neighboring countries.

The groups released the latest terrorists graduation photographs amid reports that the leadership of the group is considering options to resume peace talks with the Afghan government and foreigners.

Photos Source TerrorMonitor.Org

Terrorist Graduates Military Camp Faryab, Afghanistan

Terrorist Graduates Military Camp Wardak, Afghanistan

Terrorist Graduates Military Camp Sairpul, Afghanistan

The following tweets clearly indicates that the Terrorists don’t need safe haven anywhere in the world when they have the Land of Afghanistan with support of the Afghan people and their government.

Written By: Muhammad Abid Khan