Mother Praises Teenagers for Taking Care of Her Son, 9, After the Pair got Separated on a Train at a Busy Melbourne Station

Melbourne mother had the fright of her life on Tuesday, when her 9-year-old son got on a train at busy Flinders Street Station without her.

Lexie Rowntree, who shared her experience on Facebook, said she and son Jett were ‘terrified’ and in tears as the doors closed with each other on the other side.

Luckily, three helpful teenage boys were on board and immediately jumped into action, helping Jett get in contact with his mother and making sure they were reunited as quickly as possible.

‘Three young guys, Eddie, Cal and Baxter, were on the train Jett was on, saw what happened, went straight up to him and comforted him and offered their phone for him to call me,’ she wrote.

Melbourne mother Lexie Rowntree (second from left) and her son Jett (far left) were separated at a busy train station this week when the train doors closed with only Jett inside 

‘Then they spoke to me saying we will look after him. We will get off with him at Southern Cross station and wait for you.’

When the foursome made it to Southern Cross, the next station, the teenagers called Ms Rowntree again to let her know they had arrived safely.

In just seven minutes, the terrifying ordeal was over, but Ms Rowntree said the mother and son were both still recovering from the thought of how bad the incident could have been.

‘It was the longest and most terrifying seven minutes of my life,’ she wrote.

‘I keep seeing [Jett’s] face as the train pulled away.’

The nine-year-old was quickly taken in by a group of helpful teenagers, who helped him become reunited with his mother in a matter of minutes

Jett, who appeared on the Today Show with his saviours, has also shown his immense thanks to the boys.

Ms Rowntree told friends her son had already called Eddie to say thank you a second time.

Eddie has also reached out to the family, commenting on Ms Rowntree’s Facebook post to say he and his young friends were happy to have been able to help the scared nine-year-old in his time of need.

When Ms Rowntree responded, thanking him for his kind actions and words, it was clear the family had made a friend for life.

‘Anytime, you can call me if you need anything else I’ll always be around,’ Eddie wrote back.