Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Shares an Intimate Image of Himself and His Wife Priscilla Sending Daughter Max Off for her First day of Preschool

Mark Zuckerberg might be one of history’s most successful entrepreneurs, but he is a parent just like any other.

The 33-year-old Facebook founder recently had to go through the heart-wrenching experience of sending off his daughter on her first day of school and, like many parents tend to do, shared the moment on social media.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg shared a photo of himself along with his pediatrician wife Priscilla Chan saying goodbye to their oldest daughter Max as she left the family’s home.

Growing up: Mark Zuckerberg shared a touching post after sending off his oldest daughter Max, two, on her first day of pre-school

Down time: The Facebook founder, 33, lamented over how his daughter is growing up 'so quickly' as he marked her first day

Growing family: Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan welcomed a second daughter named August four months ago

The parents are both grinning at their little girl as dad kneels next to her and hands off a massive backpack.

‘First day of preschool. They grow up so quickly,’ he wrote in the caption for the image.

Max, who just turned two in December, became a big sister last year when her parents welcomed a second daughter, August, who is now four months old.

Zuckerberg is back at work now after having taken two months of maternity leave after the birth of his second child, just as he did after Max was born.

And things are about to go through a major change on the business side for Zuckerberg, as he recently revealed that there will soon be a number of broad changes to Facebook news feeds.

Good times: The 33-year-old returned to work two months ago after taking two months paternity leave, as he had done when Max was born

Changing it up: Last week, Zuckerberg announced that the Facebook news feed would be changing to prioritize posts by friends and family

Grinning away: The Zuckerbergs took out their kids on Halloween last year dressed as the characters of the Wild Things

Primarily, he told the New York Times last week, users will soon see posts from family and friends take priority over brands and publishers. It’s a decision that he claims fatherhood had a big part of.

‘It’s important to me that when Max and August grow up that they feel like what their father built was good for the world,’ he said.

He added that the girls’ coming into his life made him reassess how he wants Facebook to be run, saying that he doesn’t mind if it costs the company in the short term.

Those costs started to make themselves known swiftly as Facebook’s stock took a quick dip shortly after the interview was published.

But this attitude has been clear from the very beginning for Zuckerberg and his wife, as they described in a post welcoming Max to the world that they felt ‘a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for you and all children.’