Danny Green Says Long-Time Rival Anthony Mundine Plays Race Card for Own Gain with Comments About Jeff Horn

WA boxing champion Danny Green has accused bitter rival Anthony Mundine of deliberately inflaming racial tensions for financial gain, arguing he would have been “run out of the country” for making the sorts of claims Mundine had levelled at him.

Responding to Mundine’s complaints that Green and Jeff Horn got more attention because of their white skin, Green said it was the latest example of Mundine playing the victim while making “irresponsible, immature and reckless” remarks.

The notoriously brash Mundine is chasing a fight with softly spoken former school teacher Horn after he knocked out Tommy Browne in Sydney on Wednesday.

In the lead-up to the bout, Mundine claimed Horn did not deserve all the adulation he had received since beating all-time great Manny Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight world title.

“He’s only the flavour of the month because he is a white boy, just like Danny Green was the white boy,” Mundine told The Daily Telegraph.

“In the western society, whites get privileges — and because Horn is white he gets all that attention and media coverage,” he said.

“I had to talk s… and then back it up for years, since I was playing footy.

“That was the only way for me to get noticed.

“They’ve never given me my just dues because I’m a man of colour.”

Green said Mundine was trying to draw attention to a fight that few people cared about, describing his comments as “very calculated and very damaging”.

His latest tirade would lower his standing even further among Australians.

“Once again he’s going to try to play the victim when he was leaving himself open for people in the community, the public, to brand him a racist,” Green said. “Put the shoe on the other foot.

“If I was to say that Mundine’s only got publicity because he’s an Aboriginal man, I would be branded a racist and a bigot and I’d be run out of the country.

“Why is he allowed to say these things?”

The coward punch campaigner said it was “despicable” for Mundine to use his platform to make inflammatory comments about race.

“My father raised me to know who the original land owners are and what’s transpired in the whitefella and blackfella community since then,” Green said.

“I’m aware of the history of this country, so my eyes are wide open. Has he ever offered a solution?”