Australian Outback Teenager Catches the Attention of Thousands of Soccer Fans and Impresses Real Madrid with his Impressive Skills

From scoring goals in a rubbish bin to kicking a soccer ball into a basket ball hoop, a young teenager from the Australian outback has quickly gained global traction.

Jed Hockin caught the attention of thousands of soccer fans online for his impressive soccer skills he shares through his YouTube channel.

Attracting more than 38,000 fans on social media, it was the Real Madrid’s attention which stood out the most for the 18-year-old Toowoomba boy.

Jed Hockin, 18, caught the attention of the Real Madrid earlier this week with his skills

The teenager from Toowoomba (pictured) has more than 38,000 fans on social media

Knowing that Real Madrid were going to share his video, Mr Hockin told Daily Mail Australia it was ‘mind blowing’ to see the results.

‘It’s incredible to have a club like Real Madrid not only notice me but share my video across all of their social media,’ he said.

The Spanish football club with more than 28.8 million followers on social media shared one of Mr Hockin’s videos on Tuesday.

The teenager told Daily Mail Australia it can take him as little as 10 minutes to master and film a trickshot up to about 40 minutes.

While the reaction to the 18-year-old’s impressive skills has taken off, Mr Hockin said Sydney Football Club and Brisbane Roar now follow him online along with Hyundai A League.

Tim Cahill, an Australian Socceroo, also got in touch with the Queensland teenager after seeing the Real Madrid video.

‘When they posted it I was blown away. I’m just doing something I love and it’s hard to believe and comprehend that so many people are watching and enjoying it,’ the teenager from north Queensland told The Chronicle.

The video shared by Real Madrid shows the 18-year-old kicking a soccer ball into a garbage bin before it cuts to a video of him appearing to effortlessly kick the ball into a basket ball ring several metres away.

Mr Hockin also strategically kicks the soccer ball into the wall of the house before it lands in a garbage bin.

The 45 second video compilation was viewed more than 143,000 times on Real Madrid’s social media while hundreds of soccer fans suggested the soccer club signs the teenager up.

Hoping to make a career out of his incredible talent, the 18-year-old told the publication it took a day to film the video.

‘This [football trick shots] is just something creative that came from that passion. If I could turn it into a career it’d be awesome,’ Mr Hockin said.