Women Notice Something VERY Strange About their Hen Party Photos taken Just SECONDS Apart… so Did you Spot it?

A group of women celebrating a hen do were left spooked after noticing something very creepy in their photographs from the event.

The women, who spent the weekend at a hen party in Scotland on an isolated estate, set their digital camera to a timer to take a burst of photographs and two snaps taken just seconds apart revealed something very spooky.

In one photograph the women can be seen posing and in the second, where they can be seen throwing their hands in the air, a small boy can be seen crouching in the background.

The group were so shocked by the images that they googled the property and discovered a story about a young boy who lived there years ago and slept-walked into the lake and drowned. When they discovered the tale, they fled the property because they were so spooked.

However, in the second snap, what looks like a small boy can be seen crouching behind them next to the blocks of wood in the bottom left corner of their photo

Indeed, in 1994, a BBC series called The Blue Boy was filmed in the same location with a storyline based around the young boy.

 Spooked by the snap, the ladies googled the property and read stories of a young boy who had slept-walked and drowned in the lake

British screenwriter Paul Murton, who shot the show starring Emma Thompson, told The Herald at the time: ‘I was talking to the hotelier about it and he mentioned the Blue Boy.

‘This, he said, was a young child who had been on holiday with his parents in the hotel and he had been sleepwalking during the night. He had strayed outside, fallen into the loch, and drowned. When they found his body it was blue with the cold.

‘Hotel staff had noticed that things like cutlery and plates were often out of place for no apparent reason.

‘Perhaps more sinister than that was the fact that they sometimes found wet footprints upstairs in the corridor.’

The hen party photo, which was taken last summer, has been sweeping Twitter and Reddit, where baffled viewers have been sharing possible explanations for the creepy presence.

The photo has been sweeping the internet since last summer with baffled viewers left 'fully shook' by the boy's presence in the snap

The photo has been sweeping the internet since last summer with baffled viewers left ‘fully shook’ by the boy’s presence in the snap.