WA’s Gascoyne River Flows Again After Recent Rain

The Gascoyne River is one that frequently runs dry – so when water begins to flow down WA’s longest river again, it’s quite a sight.

Heavy rains from ex-Cyclone Joyce have drenched catchments in recent days and parched parts of the river are once again under water.

Ryan John shared pictures of the river mouth where it meets the sea in Carnarvon, showing plumes of mud flowing into the ocean.

The Gascoyne River flows into the ocean in Carnarvon.

He said it was the first time that the river had run in years.

Local resident Douglas Fabling captured some remarkable footage as the first waters trickled down the river bed.

The footage was taken on Wednesday from a bridge on the North West Coastal Highway just east of Carnarvon.

At 865m, the Gascoyne River is one of the longest in WA but it is frequently dry.

There were flood alerts for the river this week, with some areas experiencing minor flooding but levels are now steady or falling.