There’s More Than One Way to Cross the River to See a Scorchers Final

For someone whose father seemed to make a sport out of parking needlessly far away from Subiaco Oval, the walk from East Perth train station to Optus Stadium was a breeze.

It was also one of the most pleasant walks in recent memory — though admittedly, that does not count for much.

A lot has changed since the Croys were regulars at West Coast Eagles home games, long before Subi became Domain Stadium.

_The West Australian's_ Liam Croy walks from East Perth Station, along Windam Bridge, then around to Optus Stadium.
Picture: Simon Santi The West Australian

The key difference is a dodgy knee which will probably need a third operation in coming months.

Any sustained period of standing still, let alone walking, can spark the knee gremlins into action.

If the aim was to gauge whether this walk was manageable for most sport fans, the boss made a smart choice.

Why bother walking from the train station to the stadium anyway, you might ask?

More to the point, how does it even warrant a story?

Liam Croy walked from East Perth Station to the new Optus Stadium.

The State Government is talking about capping attendance because of a potential clash with peak-hour commuter traffic and because the East Perth footbridge is months away from completion.

Neverthless, pressure is being exerted on the Government to scrap the cap. The elephants in the room, or over the river, are the bridges about 300m metres north of the stadium.

The Windan and Goongoongup bridges run side-by-side, carrying the Graham Farmer Freeway traffic into Burswood.

Liam Croy arrives at Optus Stadium.

They feature dual-use paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Setting off from the train station, a convenient drop-off point, the 1.2km journey took about 15 minutes.

That included a short break to watch some rowers go through their paces and check if a father and his children had caught any fish.

There were tranquil riverbanks, heritage buildings and views to make visiting fans dread the flight home.

The only negative was the lack of a pedestrian crossing outside the train station.

There is, however, an underpass near the Graham Farmer Freeway a few hundred metres to the south.

The footbridge will make getting to and from the stadium easier when it is finally finished.

Until then, the punters should be fine walking across the other bridges.