Juggling Brothers Attempt Fringe World Record

A record or alternatively the man attempting to break it may tumble during Fringe World.

New Zealanders Zane and Degge Jarvie will take part in the City of Perth Buskers Weekender at the Murray Street and Hay Street malls on February 2-4.

The brothers pass 11 juggling clubs between them and, even though he “doesn’t particularly enjoy it”, Zane will juggle up to seven balls at a time.

Zane has also taken on the somewhat insane task of breaking the world record for juggling while suspended upside down.

He admitted he had “a bad juggling, pretty stupid moment” when he decided to attempt a world record. “I was trying to figure out what’s the most stupid thing I could do,” Zane said.

“I had a big plan to do a single toe-hang with a hula hoop on one foot juggling five balls, which turned out to be way too hard.”

He will try to juggle five balls while hanging from a trapeze by his feet. The record stands at four balls.

Zane has been practising for about 18 months for his record attempt, which takes place at Forrest Place on February 3 at 11am.