Crinkling, Australia’s only Newspaper for Children, to Close Despite Fundraising Push

Just last May, it seemed like Crinkling News — Australia’s only newspaper dedicated to news for children — had been saved.

last-ditch effort to raise $200,000 to keep the paper in print had worked, and its founders were optimistic.

But today they announced Crinkling would be folding for good.

“We are very sorry to say we cannot keep publishing the newspaper with the resources we have,” Saffron Howden and Remi Bianchi said in a statement.

“There are big, exciting opportunities out there for Crinkling News and for you, the kids of Australia. But it will need a much bigger business, government or philanthropy to take all the amazing things we have done together and keep the momentum going.”

Howden and Bianchi said they had made “every cent” of the crowdfunded $200,000 “stretch as far as it possibly could”.

“That money allowed us to cover news for kids for a further eight months, launch Australia’s inaugural media literacy conference for young people, do the first research into how kids and teens get their news across the nation, and more.”

Howden, a journalist, and her partner Bianchi created Crinkling News in 2016.

Saffron Howden

Both had taken redundancies from Fairfax and used their payouts as seed money for the paper.

“We thought it was about time young people had their own quality newspaper, especially at a time when information comes from so many different places and it’s not always clear who’s producing it or why,” the pair said.

In a further statement, Howden and Bianchi said subscribers would be eligible for refunds on the remainders of their subscriptions.

“Knowing how much our readers value Crinkling News and all the work it has done to improve news and media literacy and give young people a meaningful voice, we hope a larger organisation with deeper pockets decides to build on all of our achievements.”