Teen Films Herself Repeatedly Kicking Defenceless Dog

A teenage girl has been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly filming herself repeatedly kick a dog and sharing the vision on social media.

Police allege the 17-year-old girl made a video in which she kicked the dog numerous times and made threats to the dog’s owner before sharing the video on social media app Snapchat after 7pm yesterday.

They became aware of the incident after the video, filmed in Gracemere, was uploaded to Facebook.

The dog’s owner, Rylee Phillips, is one of those who shared the video on Facebook.


He has expressed his despair at what happened to his dog, Buster.

“Yous (sic) are gone when I get home,” Mr Phillips captioned the Snapchat video when he uploaded it to Facebook.

RSPCA Queensland has thanked those who reported the social media videos to them and police.

“Thank you again for all who have reported the videos posted to social media recently showing a woman repeatedly kicking a dog in Rockhampton,” the organisation said.

“We can now confirm the woman has been charged and is due to appear in court shortly.

“The dog in question is healthy and safe, we will give more updated on this case in the days to come.”

The dog sounds incredibly distressed as the woman continues kicking it while it hovers in a corner. (Facebook)

The dog remains in the care of the RSPCA.

The girl is due to appear before Rockhampton Magistrates Court tomorrow.