Fire Activity ‘Subsiding’ After Large Bushfire Emergency

Authorities say conditions continue to ease and fire activity is subsiding after a fast-moving bushfire ripped through parts of New South Wales.

The bushfire forced the closure of Newcastle Airport while some residents in Williamstown were told it was too late to leave.

Residents in the vicinity of Benjamin Lee Drive, Raymond Terrace and those in the area of Richardson Road, Campvale, are advised to continue to monitor the situation and take advice from firefighters on the ground.

Firefighters will continue to mop up and black out in the area of Barry Close, Cabbage Tree Rd and Massonite Rd and areas close to the Newcastle Airport along Williamtown Drive, Technology Place, Kindler Way, Cresswell Way, Slades Road, Sandeman Street and Moxey Close.

There is no word when Newcastle Airport will reopen.

Footage uploaded to social media earlier by the RFS shows smoke heavily billowing over the airport’s runways as the fire encroaches on the airport from several hundred metres away.

Newcastle Airport has closed because of the fire. (9NEWS)

Water bombing aircraft and more than 60 Rural Fire Service personnel worked to contain the fire.

Crews will work through the night to contain the reminder of the fire.