Pauline Hanson Eyes Looming QLD by-Election

‘Once bitten twice shy’ will be in the mind of Ms Hanson.

Pauline Hanson yesterday backed calls for Queensland MP Susan Lamb to be referred to the High Court over her citizenship status, and declared One Nation was already preparing for a by-election in the Labor backbencher’s seat. Senator Hanson accused Labor of hypocrisy in pushing last year for Coalition and One Nation parliamentarians to face the High Court over dual citizenship while blocking any government referral of its own MPs and senators. She also signalled it would be unlikely One ­Nation would again preference Labor over a Coalition candidate if there was a by-election held in Ms Lamb’s outer Brisbane seat of Longman.

Pauline Hanson smells blood over Labor’s ‘dual-citizen seat’

One Nation directed its preferences against then sitting Liberal MP Wyatt Roy in the 2016 federal election, ensuring Ms Lamb — who had 35.3 per cent of the primary vote to Mr Roy’s 39 per cent — took the seat on the back of One Nation, which had 9.4 per cent of the vote.
“She has a case to answer and like the others it is a question that needs to be determined by the High Court,’’ Senator Hanson said. “There is no reason why she should be treated differently.’’
Ms Lamb remains a British citizen — a status she inherited automatically through her Scottish-born father — after failing to renounce before nominating as a candidate for the 2016 election.
The British government was unable to process Ms Lamb’s ­renunciation form because, Labor sources say, she could not obtain a copy of her parents’ marriage certificate from Queensland’s Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. A person must have written permission from a living parent or a death certificate to ­access the relevant marriage document. It is understood Ms Lamb is estranged from her mother, and her father is no longer alive.
Senator Hanson expects the matter to go to the High Court and said One Nation was preparing for a by-election, with “some interested candidates from the state election” and others being considered.
“We would want to win it but obviously we will have to decide what to do with our preferences.’’ She hinted that Ms Lamb’s and Labor’s attacks on One Nation didn’t help. “There is definitely a tick against her,’’ she said.