Hanson Gunning for Greens After their Threat to CQ Mines

ONE Nation’s feisty figurehead has propelled herself into the battle over Central Queensland’s coal mining future.

Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson waded into the fray following a number of statements released by Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett where he declared that the Greens “need to stop all new coal mines in Queensland,” and threatened that business leaders and politicians “should prepare for their offices to be blockaded and flooded with calls of protest”.

Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson slammed the newly appointed Greens Senator for his “highly irresponsible threat” to work with anti-mining activists to devastate Queensland’s mining industry and economy.

Greens leader Andrew Bartlett in Rockhampton last year.

“Mr Bartlett’s comments are ignorant, irresponsible and dangerous. He should immediately apologise to the thousands of Central Queenslanders whose jobs he has threatened.” Senator Hanson said.

“The resource industry contributes tens of billions of dollars to the Queensland economy and employs tens of thousands of Queenslanders so when politicians like Mr Bartlett talk out of their hat like this it does huge damage to the economy and jobs.

“I’ve seen Central Queensland property reports that reveal housing prices have dropped 91% in Blackwater and up to 77% in Moranbah. Its childish attitudes like these from the Greens that are killing off any hope of recovery in these regional towns.”

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson speaks at Parliament House in Canberra in November.

Senator Hanson said right now her One Nation party was the only friend the coal mining industry had left with both the LNP and Labor committing to unrealistic renewable energy targets of up to 50% by 2030.

“I have had enough of fools bashing the resource sector and hamstringing our prosperity for nothing but selfish, short term political gain,” she said.

Senator Hanson also accused the Labor party of supporting the Greens policies through preference deals and called for them to halt their policy of supporting Greens candidates.

Senator Pauline Hanson has used her political prominence to draw attention to issues around CQ.

“Labor preferences gifted the Greens a seat in the Queensland Parliament and now these Green economic vandals are threatening to shut down the Queensland economy,” she said.

“When will Labor end their dirty deal with the Greens and start putting the people of Queensland first by putting the Greens last?”

Greens MPs Dawn Walker and Jeremy Buckingham have been arrested after protesting against the Adani coal mine's rail construction.

Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane added to the condemnation of the Greens.

“GVK’s mines are important to the regional development of Queensland and will see thousands of jobs created for decades to come,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“We can’t allow activists to use illegal tactics to stop the economic development of the regions and prevent the people of Central Queensland from sharing in the same economic prosperity as people in large cities.

“Senator Bartlett’s attack on the legitimately permitted and authorised GVK project shows that he and the Greens Party still cannot accept democratic government processes.”

A Queensland Government spokesman stood by previous comments that the Greens’ threats were empty given Alpha and Kevin’s Corner projects had already been approved by the Queensland and Federal Governments.

“The only deal at the last State election was between the LNP and One Nation, and Queenslanders repudiated them for it,” he said.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

After securing a majority at the last election, he said the Palaszczuk Government was instead focused on implementing its policies and its legislative program to create jobs and opportunities across Queensland, including in the resources, energy, agriculture, tourism and construction sectors.