Qld Town’s Water Must be Boiled to Drink

Residents of a small country Queensland town have been told to boil all of their drinking water until further notice due to problems at the local treatment plant.

Western Downs Regional Council advised residents water must be brought to a rolling boil for one minute before consumption in the town of Miles, north-west of Toowoomba until further notice.

The cause is a water quality issues at the Miles Water Treatment Plant which is under investigation, a council spokeswoman told AAP.

Parents have been warned children should take bottled or cooled boiled water to school or daycare.

Another ‘Boil Water Alert’ was issued for the nearby town of Condamine last November.

The alert was issued on November 4 with Queensland Health saying water was safe to drink more than a week later, after appropriate testing.

The Condamine alert had been caused by the discolouration of water with testing showing no problems with water quality.