How a Pakistani Journalist Taha Siddiqui Made a Laughingstock of Himself

On Wednesday, a Pakistani journalist Taha Siddiqui claimed that he escaped from 12 trained agents of the Pakistan’s “Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)” who were heavily armed. Taha said in his FIR that four armed men, three of them armed with AK-47s, the fourth with a pistol, got out of the vehicle and came towards him.

They pulled him out of the left rear door, beat him up, but surprisingly Taha hardly has any scratch on his body.


Twitter reacts Hilariously to the abduction story of Taha as Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is one of the world’s best intelligence agency and all their agents are highly trained soldiers who hardly miss their targets.

In Pakistan the easiest way to get attention and fame is to show yourself as an enemy of  the Army or ISI. It has become a trend to fake an abduction by the journalists, who generally use it to get coverage from international media and some of them also fake an attack on themselves to use it to get asylum in the US, Europe and other countries.

So this is how Pakistan reacted to this so called abduction attempt on this journalist:

Some offered him to be their bodyguard as according to Taha’s claim he have beaten 12 armed men

and the mocking continued……

Going through all the tweets are not only extremely funny but it has also exposed the fact that the Pakistani journalists can stoop low to any level do get publicity.