Year 8 Student Caught Supplying Drugs at Prestigious Adelaide School

A YEAR 8 student at a prestigious Adelaide private school was caught supplying drugs to one of his peers — and both young teenagers have since left the school.

The two students, who were aged in their early teens, were both in Year 8 when the offending took place in late 2017.

The principal of the school confirmed one student had brought marijuana to the school at the request of the other student.

“This was an isolated incident that involved two young teens who made a bad choice,” The Principal said.

“Both will start afresh at new schools this year. This school does not condone the possession or use of illicit drugs and will not tolerate them on campus.

“All of our students know this and are aware that it leads to serious consequences.”

It is unclear whether the students were expelled or whether they left the school following the incident.