This Website Reveals How Much Information You are Sharing with Strangers on Facebook

KEEPING your Facebook profile up to date might seem like the easiest way to keep friends and family in the loop — but are we sharing too much?

A new tool that reveals exactly how much information we are giving away about ourselves makes for sobering reading, and might even prompt some people to think twice before liking that page or viral video, reports The Sun.

The boffins at came up with the tool to help people understand just how much information Facebook is able to share about them when they choose to log in to certain websites and online stores using the site.

By clicking here and opting to “Log in with Facebook”, people can see what brands, companies and potential fraudsters are able to discover with just a couple of clicks.

Supremo’s summary is less thorough than what Facebook is legally allowed to share with third parties — as it can only use about half the amount of data the site releases.

Ian Cox of said: “If you’ve ever pressed ‘Login with Facebook’ on a website, you’re giving Facebook permission to share sensitive data with the site you are visiting.

“This includes, for example, your personal email address, where you live, where you work, details about your relationship, places you have recently been and who you’re friends with.

“In today’s digital age, people are sharing just about everything on social media sites like Facebook. But most are unaware of just how much can be seen by brands, businesses and, in some cases, criminals.

“The best way to stay protected online is to only share what you would be happy with the whole world seeing.

“As tempting as it may be to rejoice about the fact that the whole family is going on a weekend away, keep in mind that you may be inadvertently letting criminals know that your house is empty during this time.”

This website reveals how much information you are sharing with strangers on Facebook. Picture: The Sun


• Your public profile (name, age, gender, location, profile picture, timezone)

• All your likes

• Your friends

• Where you are now

• Your email address

• Your photos

• Your “about me” section

• All your posts

• Your birthday

• Your relationship details

• Your education history

• Your religion/politics

• Events you’ve been to

• Your work history

• Where you are from

• Your phone number