Australian Shoppers Spot and Share Photos of Easter Eggs at Coles and Woolworths before Easter

FIRST it was hot cross buns — now Australian shoppers have spotted Easter eggs being sold in Woolworths and Coles supermarkets across the country.

Shoppers took to social media to post pictures of where they saw the sweet treats on the shelves in NSW, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Coles selling Easter Eggs in Perth, WA. Picture: Supplied/Facebook

More Easter Eggs spotted in Western Australia at Coles. Picture: Supplied

Easter Eggs spotted in Derrimut, Victoria at Coles. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

A Coles spokeswoman told News Corp Australia that: “Customer demand is high for delicious treats so we start stocking a range of Easter eggs from early January. We know that many customers like to spread the cost of buying Easter gifts by buying some each week and so offering an early selection helps them to do this.”

Meanwhile, Woolworths customers have also noticed them in stores. One customer said on Twitter: “This gets me so angry — it’s the 5th January and @woolworths is selling Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs! Why? Does this happen so early in other countries? #noeasterinsummer”

A Woolworths spokesman also told News Corp Australia that Easter eggs regularly appear on their supermarket shelves at this time of year.

The spokesman also confirmed a tweet sent out by Woolworths today, saying that the reason why they go on sale now was because they get “loads of requests from customers who want to buy Easter eggs early”.

The move to put Easter eggs on the supermarket giants’ shelves comes after Coles and Woolworths rolled out their hot cross buns nationally this week.

As part of its national rollout, Woolworths announced a new flavour, a ‘Brioche Style’ hot cross bun, alongside its ‘Traditional’, ‘Fruitless’ and ‘Mini Cadbury Chocolate Chip’ flavours.

Woolies was met with praise and criticism again as was Coles.

A national online poll run by News Corp Australia found that nearly 60 per cent objected to hot cross buns being sold before Easter, while nearly 24 per cent said they did not object to the move. Nearly 17 per cent said they were not fussed by it. More than 16,000 Australians voted in the poll.

Coles is selling six varieties including Traditional, made with 100 per cent Australian fruit (regular or mini sized), Fruit Free, Chocolate, Apple and Cinnamon or Gluten Free.

ALDI Australia will sell its hot cross buns from Monday January 29.