Nicolle Wallace Drops A Bomb That Trump Is Suffering From Paranoid Delusions

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said that Trump is suffering from paranoid delusions that the Justice Department is out to get him.

Wallace said, “There’s another word for it, it’s a paranoid delusion. One that’s repeated over and over again. It started with one against the intelligence community General Hyden was on MSNBC’s air talking about how these are the very people that don’t just protect the president. The president isn’t just their number one client, but they protect the country. Can you speak to the national security implications of carrying on a hot war against your own Justice Department led by your own political appointees?”

Nicolle Wallace was correct. What Trump is doing by declaring his own Justice Department part of the “deep state” is crazy. There is no way around it. Trump is a conspiracy theory president who believes that the Justice Department is conspiring to bring him down.

The mainstream press can’t resist and still tries at times to normalize this president. Nicolle Wallace deserves credit because she is coming out and telling the truth. Trump is delusional. The man is not mentally fit to be president, and can not handle the duties of the presidency.

There is zero evidence that the Justice Department is out to get Trump. It is all a fantasy that exists in Trump’s mind as part of his effort to discredit the Russia investigation and any evidence of criminal activity that Special Counsel Robert Mueller might uncover.

Donald Trump is suffering from paranoid delusions. He should not have access to the nuclear codes, and for the safety of the nation, he should be removed from office ASAP.