Calgary Zoo Brings Penguins Indoors Because of Frigid Temperatures

Their black and white coats are built to withstand the cold, but many of the Calgary Zoo’s penguins have been moved inside because of the bone-chilling weather.

Zoo curator Malu Celli said the king penguins have been brought in from their outdoor enclosure after Calgary’s cold snap dropped temperatures below minus 25.

Celli says the tuxedoed birds would likely be fine if they waddled into the cold, but with chicks still maturing, zookeepers prefer to err on the side of caution.

She said king penguins are accustomed to chilly weather, but they tend to live in milder climates than their Antarctic cousins, emperor penguins.

She said king penguins spend their winters outside at the zoo, but every year, Calgary’s frigid temperatures force them to temporarily return indoors.

Celli said zookeepers have made adjustments for several exhibits on account of the cold, and humans are still welcome to check out the park’s attractions.