The Drinks You Shouldn’t Order at the Bar

IT MAY have been New Year’s Eve but whatever you do, don’t try and be festive by ordering a Strawberry daiquiri at the bar. Oops. Too late.

Ordering a drink that is time-consuming to make when the bar is six people deep is a sure-fire way of getting on a bartender’s bad side.

Business Insider spoke to pro bartenders Elena Alvarez and Chelsea Jenssen to reveal which drinks orders are most likely to wind up your server.

Long Island Iced Tea

Hated by bar staff everywhere, the Long Island Iced Tea contains up to five different liquors, depending on the recipe.

For this reason, one can take ages to make, so you’re best off asking for something a bit less complex if there’s a rush at the bar.

Elena Alvarez, a bartender at The Airliner in Iowa City, said: “Do you see how many people are crowding the bar right now while you’re asking me to make something for you that’s going to take a few minutes?

“That’s really annoying.”

A Long Island Iced Tea contains up to five different liquors so it isn’t easy to make.


It’s simple enough to whip one up, but making a margarita can wreak havoc with a bartender’s rhythm.

Chelsea Jenssen, a bartender at Tao Downtown nightclub in New York City, said: “A margarita is super easy to make, but it totally messes up my flow because shaking the drink for 20 seconds is annoying when I have 100 people waiting at the bar.”


Bar staff all agree: nothing screams sticky pain-in-the-backside like a mojito.

Writing on Reddit, one bartender says: “I’ve heard it said that the person who created the mojito must have hated bartenders because it’s a complex cocktail that takes a long time to make, and making one leaves your hands all sticky.

“If you want a bartender to hate you, order a mojito when the bar has a long line.”

Mojitos are a sticky pain-in-the-backside for bartenders.

Strawberry daiquiri

According to another Redditor, asking for one of these boozy cocktails quite often ends badly.

They claimed the most annoying drink to make is a “strawberry daiquiri, followed by the demand, ‘and make sure I can taste the alcohol in it!’.

“That’s how you get a strawberry daiquiri made with scotch, kids.”

Strawberry daiquiris are a summery cocktail but maybe don’t order one on New Year’s Eve.


There’s nothing wrong with asking for a pint of Guinness, provided you ask for it at the start of your order.

The drink needs time to settle in the glass, so your bartender will want to whack the Guinness tap on before dealing with any quicker drinks.

The Irish beer needs time to settle in the glass.

“Surprise me”

Come on people, it can’t be that hard to make your mind up before its your turn to be served.

Alvarez said: “The most annoying thing is when someone comes into the bar asking for a drink, but they don’t know what they want.

“Then you make them something and they say, ‘Oh I really don’t like this, can you make me something else?’”