Quiz: Top Google Searches

Google has released its top search trends for 2017.

From big weather events to celebrity deaths and the top tech — the data provides a broad snapshot of the people, places, fads and events that defined this year.

Can you guess what intrigued (and stumped) us the most?

Remember: these are not the top searched terms of all time, but the terms that had the highest spike in traffic in 2017 compared to last year.

Women dominated Australian searches this year. Which Aussie were we most interested in?

What was the top trending news story in Australia?

Whose death did Australians Google the most?

What sporting event were Aussies most interested in?

What did we most want to learn how to do?

What was the top ‘What is…’ search in Australia?

What was the top TV show searched globally?

What song was googled the most, globally?

What movie saw the biggest worldwide spike in searches this year?

OK, now for the big one. What was the top search trend, globally, of 2017?