P-Plater Allegedly Drives 215kph in 110kph Zone

Police have released footage of a P-plate driver allegedly travelling more than 100 kilometres over the speed limit on Flinders Highway, west of Townsville, in what has been described as one of the worst speeding incidents in Queensland so far this Christmas holiday period.

The 20-year-old driver, who is on a Queensland provisional licence, was caught allegedly travelling at 215 kilometres per hour in a 110 kph zone on the Flinders Highway at Torrens Creek on December 28.

Police said the Holden Commodore driver was issued with a high-range speeding fine, which includes a $1,177 fine, the loss of eight demerit points and an automatic six-month licence suspension.

“Personally I’m flabbergasted. Never in my entire policing career have I ever booked someone for exceeding the speed limit by that much. I’ve had some high speeds in my time but this takes the cake,” the officer who issued the fine said.

The footage, which was shared on the Queensland Police Service’s Facebook page, has been viewed more than 320,000 times.

It also attracted more than 3,500 comments, with many calling for a harsher punishment.

“Six months are you kidding? Should never have a licence again! How long before he kills an innocent person?” Natasha Johnston commented.

“A P-plater! The fine needs to be 10 [times] this amount!! Car should be seized and crushed,” Steve McCann wrote.

Police say they have detected more than 21,000 speeding motorists in the first seven days of the festive break.