Mawson Club Christmas Eve Robbery

A gunman threatened patrons and staff at Canberra’s Mawson Club after his accomplice used a Taser-like weapon on a security guard during a robbery in the early hours of Christmas Eve.

ACT police have released CCTV footage of the incident hoping to seek witnesses to the robbery at the club in Canberra’s south about 3:00am on Sunday.

Officers said the two men, dressed in dark clothing and carrying a black duffle bag, forced their way into the club after shocking the security guard with a weapon.

Police said the manager of the club then let the men in, at which point he and the security guard were forced to walk at gunpoint towards the cash register.

Once inside the club, the man carrying the gun appears to threaten two people playing poker machines by pointing the gun directly at them.

The two men eventually fled with a sum of cash.

One of the men is described as 173 centimetres in height and of a stocky build.

The other is described as leaner and taller, about 185cm in height.

Mawson Club has been the scene of a number of armed robberies, including an infamous case in 2004 in which a security guard was shot.

The club was also robbed by an armed man in August 2016.