Parking Inspectors Embrace Christmas Spirit

Canberrans returning to their cars with yellow parking tickets tucked under their windscreen wipers on Christmas Eve have been treated to a nice surprise.

ACT parking inspectors issued up to 200 errant motorists a reprieve in the spirit of the festive season.

Infringements issued on Christmas Eve contained a friendly warning about overstaying parking times, instead of a $114 fine.

Hi there,

You’ve overstayed on your parking today.

Our Festive Season gift to you is: this warning instead of a $114 fine.

Your New Year’s Resolution to us: parking safely and fairly in 2018.

Best Wishes from Access Canberra

Access Canberra’s Craig Simmons said in previous years individual parking inspectors had taken a lenient approach to over staying parking, but this year the approach had been more coordinated.

He said the aim was to encourage the motorists to make a New Year’s resolution to observe the parking laws.

Mr Simmons said the warnings only applied to motorists who had overstayed their time in paid parking areas.

People found undertaking dangerous parking practices, such as stopping on pedestrian crossings, in no stopping zones, or parking on footpaths or loading zones, still received infringements.