Pakistan Hits Back Hard at the US Unwarranted Pressure – Kabul Washington Needs to Do More

It is time that Afghanistan and the US do more for Pakistan,’ said Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor on Thursday while addressing a press conference. Referring to the United States’ (US) demands of Do More, Maj Ghafoor said, ‘No organised infrastructure of any banned organisation is present in Pakistan.

We have fought an imposed and imported war twice in Pakistan and now we cannot do any more for anyone.’ He added: ‘Whatever we are doing and we will do is solely for the people of Pakistan. The aid we received (from the US) was reimbursement for the support we gave to the coalition for its fight against Al Qaeda.

Had we not supported the US and Afghanistan, they would never have been able to defeat Al Qaeda.’ ‘There are no facilitators in Pakistan and we have gone a long way to support peace in the region,’ Major Ghafoor said, reiterating Pakistan’s stance on the US’s repetitive demand for the country to ‘do more’.

Discussing the measures taken by Pakistan for the elimination of terrorist elements from the region, Ghafoor said, ‘We have started the construction of forts and posts on the Afghan border for effective border management — what more does the US and Afghanistan want from us?’

‘No country is more interested in Afghan peace than us, as we know that peace there [Afghanistan] means peace in Pakistan,’

DG ISPR added that the US needs to check India’s role in the Afghan region. ‘No amount of coercion can work; it is only trust-based cooperation that can bring enduring peace to the region,’ he said ‘What kind of friends are we that we are being given notices [by the US]?’ he said, adding that while the Pakistan Army is willing to work with its friends, it cannot compromise on its respect.